An Edinburgh College of Art jewellery graduate, Robyn now works from
her studio in Smailholm in the Scottish Borders as part of Kinsman-Blake
Ceramics Gallery. Sketches and paintings are abstracted and translated
into silver to form tactile, sculptural pieces with strong visual presence,
highlighted with gold, coloured silks, precious stones and wood.
Inspired by a love of stories, her work is full of life and movement,
capturing characters as small as a starling and as dazzling as a trapeze
artist full of circus magic.

Aware of the ethical and environmental impacts of the jewellery trade, Robyn enjoys the challenge of transforming old jewellery, stones and silverware into new and contemporary pieces. New commissions are also welcome.

4 Responses to Home

  1. Daniela Hammond says:

    Gorgeous work, Robyn!
    Lovely to see your website displaying your talented work!

  2. Peter Baker says:

    Could I pick up a price list from you at the Red Lion Birmingham Shee gig? Especially interested in Murmurations!
    Alternatively, 16 Middlemore rd Birmingham B31 3UP

  3. Gordon Dalziel says:

    Is it possible to come by to look at some of your work on Saturday?

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